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Pixel Sprite Montage (Last Updated: Mar. 3, 2018) by GodofDarness18


2018 Sprites! by GodofDarness18


2018 Sprites!


ART OF 2014:

ART OF 2015:
ART OF 2016:

ART OF 2017:</h1>

Welcome to another yearly compilation, this time for 2018! This is the fifth yearly compilation, as I started them in 2014, & I don’t know how I want to jazz this up or make this extra special, as I’ll still be making the sprites for what is actually the sixth year for my ever famous project.

I honestly thought I was going to break the trend of drawing on New Year’s Day, which I’ve done since 2016, as I was with my significant other & a few friends. I had a few drinks on New Year’s Eve, & we were planning on me coming home on Jan. 2 as there were no buses operating on New Year’s Day. But nope! I got drunk, & ended up in a taxi partly paid by my significant other, one of my drinking/school buddies, & myself, & when I sobered up, back to business as usual! 

Series: Angry Birds; Animal Parts; Ao Oni; ARMS; Avenged Sevenfold; Balloons; Bionicle; Bowling Green State University; Captain Underpants; Clash of Clans; Countries; DeviantArt; Devil May Cry; Doctor Items; Dragon Age; Drugs; Fire Emblem; Fitz & The Tantrums; Floating IPS; Florence & The Machine; Grateful Dead; Hello Kitty; Indochine; Insects; Into the Groove; Kingdom Hearts; Lisa; Logan Paul; Love Live!; Magic: The Gathering; Memphis May Fire; Metal Arms; Millersville University of Pennsylvania; Monstercat; Mortal Kombat; MS-DOS; Musical Instruments; Nintendo; Not A Simulator For Work; Nuts; Patterns; Pokémon; Sanik Hegehog; Sensation; Star Wars; StarCraft; Steven Universe; Super Mario Bros.; Super Smash Bros.; Switchfoot; Tasty Planet; The Elder Scrolls; The Legend of Zelda; The Winter Olympics; TheBakeey; Theatre; Tool; Toontown Online; U.S. Army; Ugandan Knuckles; Walk The Moon

Sprites: 0; 1; 2; 3; 4; 5; 6; 7; 8; 9; A; Agahnim; Avenged Sevenfold Logo; B; Barbarian Icon; Baseball; Bayside Balloon; Big Chest; Bismuth; Black Nintendo Wii; Black Stone; Block; Blue Arrow; Blue Bolt Balloon; Blue Candy; Blue Devalant; Blue Map Marker; Blue Star Bit; Bored Accent Green Balloon; Bowling Green State University Logo; Brave Orange Balloon; Brown Candy; C; Captain Underpants; Cave Map Marker; Centipeetle’s Gem; Cheetah Paw; Cherry O.S. Logo; Chika Takami Symbol; Coconut White Balloon; Comedy Mask; Coral Reef (Valspar Paint Color) Balloon; Cursor; Cyan Arrow; D; Dante’s Tattoo; Deep Dumpling Balloon; DeviantArt Notification Icon; Dia Kurosawa Symbol; Doodlebob; Dr. Coyle Symbol; Dragonfly; Droid Rebellion Logo; Dumpling Ice Cream; Durian Balloon; Durian Ice Cream; Durian White Balloon; Durian Yellow Balloon; E; Earthtone Balloon; F; Facebook Blue Balloon; Female Pig; Fireball; Fish Stew Pizza Logo; Fitz & The Tantrums Logo; Flickr Blue Balloon; Flickr Pink Balloon; Floating IPS File Icon; Floating IPS Logo; Florence & The Machine Logo; Flute Boy’s Bird; Fort Map Marker; G; Georgia; Gold Koin; Google Chrome Blue Balloon; Google Chrome Green Balloon; Google Chrome Red Balloon; Google Chrome Yellow Balloon; Green Arrow; Green Candy; Green Map Marker; Green Para-Beetle; Green Star Bit; Grey Stone; Guyabano Balloon; Guyabano Ice Cream; H; Hanamaru Kunikida Symbol; Harmonious Rose Balloon; Heart Piece; Hour of Devastation Symbol; I; Indochine Logo; Inquisition Sigil; Iron; Iron Balloon; J; Jade Koin; Joint/Doobie/Marijuana Cigarette; K; Kanan Matsuura Symbol; Kazoo; King Zora; Kinky Kailey Balloon; Kirkwall Sigil; L; Lateralus Eye; Lightning Bolt Symbol; LinkedIn Blue Balloon; Locked Chest; Lumber Mill Map Marker; M; Mari Ohara Symbol; Mark of Grima; Master Eraqus Symbol; Master Mummy Symbol; Maverick Logo; Mechanica Symbol; Memphis May Fire Logo; Microsoft Blue Balloon; Microsoft Edge Blue Balloon; Microsoft Green Balloon; Microsoft Red Balloon; Milbots Logo; Millersville University of Pennsylvania Logo; Min Min Symbol; Monstercat Logo; MS-DOS Logo; N; Nintendo Red Balloon; Nursing Cap; O; Olive Pomelo Balloon; Onyx Koin; Opera Red Balloon; Orange Candy; Orange Map Marker; P; Painite; Painite Balloon; Pale Purple (Pantone) Balloon; Panasonic Blue Balloon; Parakeet Blue Balloon; Peach Burst Balloon; Peach Burst Ice Cream; Percy Monsoon; Perfume Bottle; Perfume Bottle 2; Pink Candy; Pink Diamond (Ace Hardware Color) Balloon; Pink Diamond (Independent Retailers Colors) Balloon; Pink Map Marker; Pistachio Nut; Platinum Koin; Pochacco; Poker Green Balloon; Pomelo Balloon; Pomelo Ice Cream; Pomelo Olive Balloon; Pomelo White Balloon; Poppy Petal Balloon; Purple Arrow; Purple Candy; Purple Star Bit; Puzzle Symbols; Pyeongchang 2018 Logo; Q; R; Rabbit Beam; Rambutan Balloon; Rambutan Ice Cream; Rambutan Ice Cream 2; Rambutan Red Balloon; Red Arrow; Red Candy; Red Devalant; Red Star Bit; Ribbon Girl Symbol; Riko Sakurauchi Symbol; Roxas Cross; Ruby Koin; Ruby Kurosawa Symbol; S; Salmon Ice Cream; Salmon Rose Balloon; Samsung Blue Balloon; Sanik Hegehog; Sapphire Koin; Sensation Logo; Sesame Street Green Balloon; Settlement Map Marker; Smash Ball; Snowspeeder; Solid Pink (2.5 Gamma Correction) Balloon; Spiral; Spring Man Symbol; Springtron Symbol; Stone Terrace Balloon; Super Mario Bros. 25th Anniversary Red Nintendo Wii; Sweet Sixteen Balloon; Switchfoot Logo; T; Team Instinct Gym Symbol; Team Mystic Gym Symbol; Team Valor Gym Symbol; TheBakeey Logo; Tomato Sauce Balloon; Tomato Sauce Ice Cream; Tragedy Mask; Twintelle Symbol; Twitter Blue Balloon; U; U.S. Army Military Intelligence Branch Insignia; Ugandan Knuckles; Unakite; V; Vesuvianite; Violets Are Blue Balloon; W; Walk The Moon Logo; Walmart Blue (1962-1964) Balloon; Walmart Blue (1964-1981) Balloon; Walmart Blue (1981-1992) Balloon; Walmart Blue (1992-2008) Balloon; Walmart Blue Balloon; White Durian Ice Cream; White Nintendo Wii; White Pomelo Ice Cream; White Star Bit; X; Xbox Green Balloon; Xiaomi Orange Balloon; Xonotlite; Y; Yahoo Japan Red Balloon; Yahoo Purple (1995) Balloon; Yahoo Purple Balloon; Yellow Arrow; Yellow Candy; Yellow Durian Ice Cream; Yellow Map Marker; Yellow Star Bit; Yoshiko Tsushima Symbol; You Watanabe Symbol; YouTube Red Balloon; Yttrocerite; Z; Zergling

Artwork (C) GodofDarness18 – 2018
Sprites (C) Respective Owners

Pixel Sprite Montage (Last Updated: Mar. 3, 2018)

Fan-Made Sprite Montage:
ART OF 2014:
ART OF 2015:
ART OF 2016:
ART OF 2017:
ART OF 2018:

0; 1; 1 Bar Phone Signal; 1 Bar Wi-Fi Signal; 1 Side Dice; 1-Star Dragonball; 1-Up; 1-Up Mushroom; 1-Up Text; 1/1 Domino; 1/2 Domino; 1/2 Heart Container; 1/3 Domino; 1/4 Domino; 1/4 Heart Container; 1/5 Domino; 1/6 Domino; 1/7 Domino; 1/8 Domino; 1/9 Domino; 100 Bonus Points; 100 Rupees; 104th Trainees Squad Crest; 11 Music Disc; 13 Music Disc; 2; 2 Bamboo; 2 Bar Phone Signal; 2 Bar Wi-Fi Signal; 2 Side Dice; 2-Leaf Clover; 2-Star Dragonball; 2/2 Domino; 2/3 Domino; 2/4 Domino; 2/5 Domino; 2/6 Domino; 2/7 Domino; 2/8 Domino; 2/9 Domino; 2014 FIFA World Cup Logo; 2nd Potion; 2snacks Icon; 3; 3 Bamboo; 3 Bar Phone Signal; 3 Bar Wi-Fi Signal; 3 Bombs; 3 Side Dice; 3-Star Dragonball; 3-Up Moon; 3/3 Domino; 3/4 Domino; 3/4 Heart Container; 3/5 Domino; 3/6 Domino; 3/7 Domino; 3/8 Domino; 3/9 Domino; 300 Rupees; 3D Glasses; 3rd Street Saints’ Logo; 4; 4 Bamboo; 4 Bar Phone Signal; 4 Bar Wi-Fi Signal; 4 Side Dice; 4-Star Dragonball; 4/4 Domino; 4/5 Domino; 4/6 Domino; 4/7 Domino; 4/8 Domino; 4/9 Domino; 420 Icon; 4chan Logo; 5; 5 Arrows; 5 Bar Phone Signal; 5 Bamboo; 5 Bar Wi-Fi Signal; 5 Bombs; 5 Rupees; 5 Seconds of Summer Logo; 5 Side Dice; 5 Silver Arrows; 5-Star Dragonball; 5/5 Domino; 5/6 Domino; 5/7 Domino; 5/8 Domino; 5/9 Domino; 6; 6 Bamboo; 6 Side Dice; 6-Star Dragonball; 6/6 Domino; 6/7 Domino; 6/8 Domino; 6/9 Domino; 7; 7 Bamboo; 7 Side Dice; 7-Star Dragonball; 7-Up Logo; 7/7 Domino; 7/8 Domino; 7/9 Domino; 8; 8 Ball; 8 Bamboo; 8 Side Dice; 8/8 Domino; 8/9 Domino; 9; 9 Bamboo; 9/9 Domino; 9 Side Dice; 9GAG Logo; ? Block; ??? Type Icon; ???/The Blue Baby

A; A Button; A Elder Futhark Rune; A Logo; A State of Trance Logo; A Tile; A-Acute; A-Circumflex; A-Macron; A-Umlaut; Aang; ABBA Logo; ABDL Flag; Abimegender Flag; Abnegation Faction Symbol; Aborosexual Flag; Abra; Abraham Lincoln; Absol; Abstergo Entertainment Logo; Abstergo Industries Logo; AC/DC Logo; Ace; Aceflux Flag; Acespike Flag; Achievement Hunter Logo; Acorn; Adagio Dazzle’s Cutie Mark; Adeisexual Flag; Adidas Logo; Adipose; Admiral Ackbar; Adventure Time Logo; Aegislash; Aerodactyl; Aesc; African Grey Parrot; Agahnim; Agate Ring; Age Play Flag; Agender Flag; Agender Symbol; Agility Skill Symbol; Ahirukutchi; Ahsoka Tano; Air Element Symbol; Air Man; Air Rune; Airbender Symbol; Airou; Airplane; Airship; Aka Shatsu no Rozerutchi; Akachantchi; Akamaru; Akatsuki Logo; Akiyamalidatchi; Akoiromantic Flag; Aku Aku; Akuma; Akuma's Logo; Alabama; Alabaster; Aladdin Sane Logo; Alakazam; Alaska; Albino Cat Eye; Albino Llama; Alex; Alexandrite; Alexigender Flag; Algeria Flag; Alice; Alien; All-Night Mask; Alliance Insignia; Alliance to Restore the Republic/Rebel Alliance Logo; Alomomola; AMAB Trans Flag; Amaterasu; Amaura; Amazonite; Amber; Amber Potion; Ambonec Flag; American Football; American Football Conference Logo; American Horror Story: Asylum Logo; American Horror Story: Coven Logo; American Horror Story: Freak Show Logo; American Horror Story: Hotel Logo; American Horror Story Logo; Amethyst; Amethyst Ring; Amicussexual Flag; Amity Faction Symbol; Ampersand; Amulet of Glory; Amy Rose Icon; AmyLee33; An Dango; Anahata Symbol; Anais Watterson; Anakin Skywalker; Anchor; Ancient Wood; Andre of Astora; Androfluid Flag; Androgyne Flag; Androgyne Symbol; Android Logo; Androphile Flag; Androsexual Flag; Androtchi; Andy Bogard; Anesantchi; Anesigender Flag; Angel Moroni; Angel Slime/HaloSlime; Angelic Rune; Angelica Charlotte Pickles; Angeligender Flag; Angenital Flag; Anger; Angler Fish; Angler Key; Angry Bones; Angry Sun; Animaru Kajikuchitchi; Ankh; Annoyed Emoticon; Annoying Dog; Anoboy Flag; Anogender Flag; Anogirl Flag; Anononbinary Flag; Anonymous Mask; Anti-Possession Symbol; Antiboy Flag; Antidote; Antidote Herb/Snow Herb; Antigirl Flag; Antigua & Barbuda Flag; Antilon; Antoinetchi; Aoba Seragaki; Aokumotchi; AOL Instant Messenger Logo; Aperture Science Logo; Aplatonic Flag; Apogender Flag; Aporagender Flag; Apothisexual Flag; App Store Icon; Appa; Apple; Apple Bloom; Apple Juice; Apple Kid; Apple Logo; Applejack; Applejach Head; Applejack's Cutie Mark; Apresalterous Flag; Apresplatonic Flag; Apresromantic Flag; Apressexual Flag; Apricorn Box; Apricot; Apricot Luma; Aprocreationist Flag; Aqua’s Wayfinder; Aquamarine; Aquariagender Flag; Aquarius; Aquila; Aradia Megido’s Logo; Arceus; Arctic Monkeys Logo; Arekkusu Garushiatchi; Ariel; Ariel Symbol; Aries; Arigender Flag; Arizona; Arizona Cardinals Logo; Arizona Diamondbacks Logo; Arkansas; Arm Mimic; Armacham Technology Corporation Logo; Armadyl Symbol; Armenia Flag; Armin van Buuren Logo; Aromorskin/Mega Armorskin/Psychoserum; Aroflux Flag; Aromantic Flag; Aromatisse; Arospike Flag; Arrghus; Arrow; Arrow Icon; Arthur Read; Articuno; Arty Logo; AsaDoratchi; Asajj Ventress; Asexual Flag; Ash Ketchum's Cap; AshDubh; Ashigyotchi; Ashitchi; Asobutchi; Assassin's Creed Logo; Assemblage 23 Logo; Astrologian Class Icon; At Sign; AT-AT; Atari Logo; ATB Logo; Atlanta Braves Logo; Attack Skill Symbol; Audino; Aum/Om; Aurora; Aurora Symbol; Auroros; AURYN; Australian Dollar Symbol; Austria Flag; Autistic Symbol; Autobot Logo; Autosexual Flag; Autumn Leaf; Autunite; Avalugg; Avengers Logo; Aventurine; Aviator Sunglasses; Avocado; Awesome/Epic Face; Aww Emoticon; Axigender Flag; Azelf; Azerbaijan Flag; Azorius Guild Logo; Azure Potion;

B; B Button; B Elder Futhark Rune; B Tile; Babatchi; Baby Luigi; Baby Mario; Baby Peach; Babymotchi; Babytchi; Back to the Future Logo; Bacon; Bad Apple; Bad Religion Logo; Badminton Racket; Bag of Bells; Bagubagutchi; Bahamas Flag; Bahrain Flag; Bakutchi; Bakyura Call Icon; Balance Badge; Balloon; Balrog; Bamboo; Banana; Banana Bunch; Banana Peel; Banana Split; Bananas; Bandos Symbol; Bangladesh Flag; Baradorutchi; Barbaracle; Barbecue Sauce; Barbie Logo; Bard Class Icon; Baron von Blubba; Barta; Bartholomew JoJo “Bart” Simpson; Baseball; Baseball Bat; Basic Badge; Basketball; Bass Clef; Bass Guitar Icon; Bassnectar Logo; Bat; Batman Beyond Logo; Batman Logo; Batman Sign; Battleship; Bauxite; Bawnd; Baymax; BB-8; BDSM Flag; Beach Ball; Beacon Badge; Beaker; Beamed Quavers; Beamos; Beanstalk; Bear Flag; Beartchi; Beast Boy; Beautiful Condition Icon; Bedtime Bear; Bee; Bee Mushroom; Beer; Beer Bottle; Beer Mug; Beet; Beetle; Belarus Flag; Belgium Flag; Bell; Belle; Belle Symbol; Bellossom; Bellsprout; Belltchi; Bellusromantic Flag; Belson Noles; Beluga; Ben 10 Logo; Bender Bending Rodriguez; Benin Flag; Benson; Benzatchi; Bera Symbol; Bereft Peak; Bergmite; Berry; Berry Game Boy Color; Berry Tree; Beryl; Best Friends Symbol; Betamon; Betty Boop; Bhat Symbol; Bi-Han/Noob Saibot/Sub-Zero; Bialterous Flag; Biamory Flag; Biathlon Logo; Bib Fortuna; Bicycle; Bidoof; Biflux Flag; Big Blue Rupee; Big Boss Gotchi; Big Gold Rupee; Big Green Rupee; Big Grin Emoticon; Big Heart; Big Key; Big McIntosh; Big McIntosh’s Cutie Mark; Big Red Rupee; Bigender Flag; Biker Helmet; Bikertchi; Bikkuritchi; Bill Cipher; Bill/Gajintchi/Sam; Billkotchi; Billotchi; Binacle; Biohazard Symbol; Bird Deviltchi; Bird Key; Birdo; BirthdAy ’15 Badge; Birthday Bear; Bisexual Flag; Bisexual Symbol; Bistre Potion; Bit; Biyomon; Black Apricorn; Black Ball; Black Bird; Black Bishop; Black Bomberman; Black Chocobo; Black Green Clash Poogie; Black Honey Poogie; Black Iron Greatshield; Black King; Black Knight; Black Light of Death; Black Mage; Black Mage Class Icon; Black Mana; Black Pikmin Head; Black Queen; Black Ranger/Zachary “Zack” Taylor; Black Ranger’s Helmet; Black Rook; Black Tiger Sex Machine Logo; Black Veil Brides Logo; Black Widow Symbol; Black Yoshi; Black/Polari Luma; Bladder; Blair’s Soul; Blake Belladonna’s Symbol; Blanche Deveraux; Blank Stare Emoticon; Blank Tile; Blank/1 Domino; Blank/2 Domino; Blank/3 Domino; Blank/4 Domino; Blank/5 Domino; Blank/6 Domino; Blank/7 Domino; Blank/8 Domino; Blank/9 Domino; Blank/Blank Domino; Blast Mask; Blastoise; Blaziken; Bleach Logo; Bleeding Buff; Blinded Buff; Blinky; Blitzcrank; Block B Logo; blocks Music Disc; Bloo; Bloober; Blood Aspect Symbol; Bloodrayne Symbol; Bloodshield; Blooper; Blossom; Blowing Wind; BLU Demoman Symbol; BLU Medic Symbol; Blue; Blue Apricorn; Blue Armos Knight; Blue Baby Bottle; Blue Baby Yoshi; Blue Ball; Blue Bird; Blue Bottle; Blue Candle; Blue Candy; Blue Cane; Blue Chaos Emerald; Blue Chocobo; Blue Christmas Light; Blue Coronet; Blue Cross; Blue Crown; Blue Crystal; Blue Crystal Switch; Blue Darknut; Blue Diamond; Blue Dummy/Pacifier/Binky; Blue Excitebike; Blue Falcon; Blue Goriya; Blue Jewel; Blue Keycard; Blue Kinstone; Blue Kirby; Blue Lamp; Blue Lantern; Blue Leever; Blue Light of Hope; Blue Luma; Blue Lynel; Blue M&M; Blue Mail; Blue Mana; Blue Masked Lovebird; Blue Octorok; Blue P-Switch; Blue Pendant Necklace; Blue Pikmin; Blue Pikmin Head; Blue Potion; Blue Puyo; Blue Ranger/Billy Cranston; Blue Ranger’s Helmet; Blue Raspberry Gummy Bear; Blue Raspberry Jolly Rancher; Blue Rhapsody; Blue Ring; Blue Rope; Blue Rubik’s Cube; Blue Rupee; Blue Sceptre; Blue Sidestepper; Blue Skull Key; Blue Snake; Blue Squid; Blue Staff; Blue Star; Blue Stray Fairy; Blue Switch Block; Blue Tektite; Blue Tiara; Blue Toad House; Blue Wizzrobe; Blue Yoshi; Blue Yoshi Egg; Blue-Gold Macaw; Blueberry Pop Tart; BMO; BMW Logo; Bo; Bob; Bob-omb; Boba Fett; Bobsleigh Logo; Boi Flag; Bokuhoshitchi; Bolin; Bolt Badge; Bomb; Bomb Flower; Bomb Icon; Bomb Sign; Bomb Soldier; Bombchu; Bomberman; Bombos Medallion; Bon Bon; Bone; Bonfire; Bonnie; Bonnie’s Eye; Boo; Boo Mushroom; Book; Book of Mudora; Book of Seals; Bookworm Green/Jade; Boomerang; Boomerang Bro.; Bordergender Flag; Borderlands Logo/Vault Symbol; Boreasexual Flag; Boss Bass; Boss Key; Boston Red Sox Logo; Bot; Botamon; Botswana Flag; Bottle; Bottle of Blood; Bottle of Pixie Dust; Bottle of Scotch; Boulder; Boulder Badge; Bow; Bow & Arrow; Bow Tie; Bowl of Ramen; Bowling Ball; Bowser; Bowser in Koopa Clown Car; Bowser Symbol; Box of Crayons; Box Slime; Boxertchi; Boxing Gloves; Bracelet; Braixen; Brammy; Brand of the Exalt; Brazil Flag; Brazil Strip; Bread; Breath Aspect Symbol; Bremen Mask; Brendan; Brick Block; Bridge; Briefcase; Brigham Young University Cougars Logo; Bright Sun; Brimstone; Broa Symbol; Broccoli; Brofist; Broken Tuni Nut; Bronzor; Brooklyn Nets Logo; Brown Ball; Brown Chocobo; Brown Kirby; Brown M&M; Brown Mushroom; Brown Ranger’s Helmet; Brown Robot; Brown Sauce; Brown Staff; Brown Yoshi; Brownish Yellow Plumbob; Bub; Bubble Buster; Bubble Man; Bubble Pulse; Bubbles; Bucket; Buckler; Bucktooth Emoticon; Buffy: The Vampire Slayer Logo; Bug Badge; Bug Type Icon; Bug-Catching Net; Bulbasaur; Bulgaria Flag; Bullet Bill; Bullet Bill Launcher; Bully’s Friend; Bumpty; Bunbuntchi; Bunkotchi; Bunnelby; Bunny; Bunny Hood; Bunny Link; Burglar/Robber/Thief; Burger King Logo; Burgertchi; Burgundy; Burkina Faso Flag; Burning Buff; Burning Flame; Burnt Meat; Bush; Busstoptchi; Butcher; Buttercup; Butterfly; Butterflytchi; Buzz Lightyear; Buzzblob; Buzzy Beetle

C; C Tile; C-3PO; C-Acute; Cactus Angel; Cactus Flower/Hypnotic Pollen; Cadoboy Flag; Cadogirl Flag; Caduceus; Caduceus Round Shield; Caelgender Flag; Cain; Cake; Calcifer; Calculator; Calculator Icon; Calendar Icon; Calgary Flames Logo; California; Call of Duty Logo; Call of Duty: Black Ops II Logo; Call of Duty: Black Ops III Logo; Call of Duty: Ghosts Logo; Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Logo; Calumon; Camera Icon; Cameroon Flag; Can of Pepsi; Can of Slurm; Canada Flag; Canadian Dollar Symbol; Cancegender Flag; Cancer; Candor Faction Symbol; Candy; Candy Cane; Candy Corn; Candy Crush Saga Icon; Candy Floss/Cotton Candy; Cane of Byrna; Cane of Somaria; Canisgender Flag; Canon Logo; Capcom Logo; Cape; Cape Feather; Capricorn; Capsuletchi; Captain America Logo; Captain America Symbol; Captain America's Shield; Captain Dexter Grif; Captain Hammer Logo; Captain Lavernius Tucker; Captain Michael J. Caboose; Captain Phasma; Captain Richard “Dick” Simmons; Captain Viridian; Captain’s Hat; CaptainSparklez; Captcha Card; Car; Carbink; Carbuncle; Carl the Cupcake; Carrie Krueger; Carrot; Cartoon Network Logo; Cascade Badge; Cassette; Cassgender Flag; Castform; Castle; Cat; Cat Bowl; Cat Mario; cat Music Disc; Catbug; Catbus/Nekobasu; CatDog; Caterpie; Cauldron; Caustic Ooze Buff; Caution Symbol; Cave Bat; Cave Spider; Cavity Tooth; Cavusgender Flag; Ceasesexual Flag; Cecil; Celebi; Celebtchi; Celestia “Celeste” Ludenberg; Celtic Knot; Censor Bar; Central African Republic Flag; Cerberus; Cerberus Logo; Ceterosexual Flag; CH; Chack; Chaco; Chad Flag; Chain Boots; Chain Chestplate; Chain Chomp; Chain Helmet; Chain Leggings; Chaka Heart; Chalcedony; Chamametchi; Champagne Bottle; Chandelitchi; Chanel Logo; Changing Season; Channeler; Chansey; Chantotchi; Chao; Chaos Rune; Chaosgender Flag; Charcoal Potion; Charitable Badge; Charitchi; Charizard; Charles; Charles Crandall Norbert “Chuckie” Finster Jr.; Charlie Brown; Charlie Scene; Charmander; Charmeleon; Checkpoint; Cheer Bear; Cheese; Cheiragender Flag; Cheri Berry; Cherish Ball; Cheritchi; Cherries; Cherrim; Cherry; Cherry Cola Gummy Bear; Cherry Gummy Bear; Cherry Jolly Rancher; Cherry Pop Tart; Chesnaught; Chespin; Chest; Chestnut; Chestnut Angel; Chevrolet Logo; Chewbacca; Chiaki Nanami’s Hairpin; Chibi Moon Symbol; Chibipatchi; Chibomon; Chica; Chicago Bulls Logo; Chick; Chicken; Chicken Kabob; Chicken Leg; Chief Verdigris; Chieri Sono’s Kirara; Chile Flag; Chill; Chilli Pepper; Chilly Pepper; Chimchar; ChimneySwift11; China Flag; Chip; chirp Music Disc; Chitchi; Chobitamatchi; Chocolate; Chocolate Bar; Chocolate Chip Pop Tart; Chocolate Fudge Pop Tart; ChoHimetchi; Choice & Accountabilty Ribbon; ChoMametchi; Chomper; ChooChoosGaming; Choose the Right/CTR Logo; Choribotchi; Chousakutchi; Choushutchi; Chowder; Christopher Cross “Chris” Griffin; Chrysoprase; Chubby Angel; Chubby Deviltchi; Chuchutchi; Chukatchi; Ciaotchi; Cigarette; Cincinnati Museum Center; Cinderella; Cinderella Symbol; CinnamonToastKen Logo; Circle; Circle Button; Circle Cookie; Citrine; City Crest; Clarence Wendell; Classic Santaclautchi; Classictchi; Clauncher; Claus; Clawitzer; Clear;; Clear/Moon; Clefairy; Clever Condition Icon; Cliff Badge; Clione Deviltchi; Clock; Clock Icon; Cloud; Clover; Club; Clyde; Coal Badge; Coal Ore; Cobalt Drill; Cobble Badge; Cobra Starship Logo; Cobrat; Coca-Cola Logo; Cockatiel; Cocktail; Coco; Coconut; Coconut Cannon; Cody Hida’s Digivice; Coffee; Coffretchi; Coigender Flag; Coin; Coke; Cola Gummy Bear; Cole; Colombia Flag; Colombo; Colon; Colonel Sarge; Colorado; Colourless Energy; Combee; Combusken; Comet; Comma; Commander Badge; Commoboy Flag; Commodore 64 Logo; Commogirl Flag; Companion Cube; Compass; Compass Icon; Computer; Conch Horn; Confederate Flag; Connecticut; Connie Maheswaran; Constitution Skill Symbol; Converse Shoe; Cooked Chicken; Cooked Fish; Cookie; Cookie Monster; Cooking Mama; Cool Condition Icon; Cool Drink; Coral; Coral Triangle; Coral-Eye Badge; Core Cannon; Corn; Corndog; Corrupt Bunny; Cosmic Moon Brooch; Cosmic Rune; Côte d’Ivoire Flag; Cottonee; Count Dooku; Couple’s Mask; Courage the Cowardly Dog; Cow; Cowboy Hat; Crab Claw; Crabby; Cracker; Crackertchi; Cranberry & Cherry Sorbet; Creep; Creeper; Cresselia; Crimson Potion; Crippled Buff; Crisis Moon Compact; Crobat; Crona’s Soul; Crono; Crop Icon; Cross; Cross of St. Peter; Crotchet; Cryaotic; Crying Emoticon; Cryptogender Flag; Crystagender Flag; Crystal; Crystal Ball; Crystaltchi; CTR Shield; Cuba Flag; Cube; Cubone; Cucco; Cuccodex; Cucumber; Cue Ball; Cup of Coffee; Cupcake; Cupiosexual Flag;; Currypantchi; Customer Service Expert Badge; Cut Man; Cute Condition Icon; Cyan Squid; Cyberman; Cyberman Helmet; Cyndaquil; Cynthia; Czech Republic Flag

D; D Logo; D Elder Futhark Rune; D Tile; Da Kurlzz; Daffy Duck; Daisy; Daisy Duck; Daiyatchi; Dale; Dalecarlian Horse; Dalek; Damage Dealer Icon; Dan; Dandelion Game Boy Color; Dango Obatchi; Danish Krone Symbol; Danny; Danny Phantom Logo; Daredevil Logo; Dark Blue Cat Eye; Dark Chao; Dark Chocolate; Dark Element; Dark Knight Class Icon; Dark Magician Girl; Dark Side of the Moon Logo; Dark Type Icon; Dark Type Symbol; Darkness Energy; Darth Maul; Darth Maul’s Lightsaber; Darth Vader; Darts; Darumatchi; Darwin Raglan Caspian Ahab Poseidon Nicodemius Watterson III; Dash Berlin Logo; Dauntless Faction Symbol; Dave Strider's Logo; Davesprite; Davis Motoyima’s Digivice; Dawg; Dawn Stone; Dazzlitchi; DC Universe Logo; Dead Child; Dead Kennedys Logo; Deadlox; Deadman Wonderland Prison Logo; deadmau5 Mask; Deadpool Logo; Deadshot Daiquiri Perk; Death Machine Power-up; Death Star; Death the Kid’s Soul; Deathly Hallows Symbol; Debatchi; Debian Logo; Debutchi; Decepticon Symbol; Decotchi; Dedenne; Defense of the Ancients Icon; Defqon.1 Logo; Dekatama Protagonist; Deku Mask; Deku Nut; Deku Shield; Deku Stick; Delaware; DeLorean Logo; Delphigender Flag; Delphox; Demialterous Flag; Demibisexual Flag; Demiboy Flag; Demifluid Flag; Demiflux Flag; Demigenderqueer Flag; Demigirl Flag; Demihomosexual Flag; DemiMeramon; Deminonbinary Flag; Demipansexual Flag; Demipolysexual Flag; Demiromantic Flag; Demisemihemidemisemiquaver; Demisemiquaver; Demisexual Flag; Demon Eye; Demondrug/Mega Demondrug/Hot Drink; Denmark Flag; Denver Broncos Logo; Depagatchi; Derpy Hooves; Derpy Hooves’ Cutie Mark; Desinoromantic Flag; Destiny Logo; Destiny’s Embrace; DeviantArt Logo; Devil Mametchi; Devil Oyajitchi; Devil Zuccitchi; Deviltchi; Dexter; Dialga; Diamond; Diamond Axe; Diamond Boots; Diamond Chestplate; Diamond Helmet; Diamond Leggings; Diamond Ore; Diamond Pickaxe; Diamond Ring; Diamond Shovel; Diamond Steve; Diamond Sword; Diavlo; Dig Dug; Digg Logo; Diggersby; Digivice; Diglett; Din; Diopside; Dipp; Dipsy; Dirk Strider’s Logo; Disabled Symbol; Disguise Pen; Disgust; Disney Cruise Line Logo; Disney Logo; Ditto; Dive Ball; Divination Skill Symbol; Divine Nature Ribbon; Divine Rose; Division Sign; DJ PON3/Vinyl Scratch; DJ PON3/Vinyl Scratch’s Cutie Mark; Djibouti Flag; DNAtchi; Doctor Albert W. Wily; Doctor Thomas Light; Doctor Violet; Doctor Who Logo; Doctor Whooves’ Cutie Mark; Dodge Ram Logo; Doe; Dog; Dog Bowl; Doge; Dogutchi; Dollar Sign; DOLLARS Logo; Dolphin; Dome Fossil; Domgender Feminine Flag; Domgender Masculine Flag; Domgender Nonbinary Flag; Dominican Republic Flag; Domino’s Pizza Logo; Domo; Don Gero’s Mask; Donald Duck; Donatello; Donut; Doom Aspect Symbol; Doopliss; Dora Winifred “D.W.” Read; Dorotchi; Dorothy Zbornak; Dory; Dotetchi; Doublade; Double Cherry; Double Chest; Double Points Power-up; Double Scoop Cone; Double Tap II Root Beer Perk; Double Tap Root Beer Perk; Doug; Down Arrow; Downloaded Icon; DP Snamis; Dr. Mario; Dracky; Draenei Class Symbol; Dragalge; Dragon Coin; Dragon Energy; Dragon Radar; Dragon Type Icon; DragonBall Z Logo; Dragonite; Dragoon Class Icon; Drake; Drakefluid Flag; DrakSlime; Draw Something Logo; Dreamitchi; Drifloon; Drink Me Potion; Drippy; Drone Dalek; Drugged Meat/Cold Meat; Drum; Drums Icon; Dry Bones; Dryad; Duck; Ducklett; Ducky; Dumbbell; Dumbo; Dummy; Duosion; Duraboy Flag; Duragirl Flag; Duranonbinary Flag; Dusk Ball; Dustbin Beaver the Moptop Tweenybop; Dynamo Badge

E; E Elder Futhark Rune; E Logo; E Tile; E4 Logo; E-Acute; E-Circumflex; E-Macron; E-Tank; E-Umlaut; Earl of Lemongrab; Earth; Earth Badge; Earth Element; Earth Element Symbol; Earth Rune; Earth Symbol; Earthbender Symbol; Eat Me Cake; Echo Screen; Echoing Howl; Éclair; Ecto the Fancy Banshee; Ectogender Flag; Ed; Edd/Double D; Eddy; Edible Ghost; Eduardo; Eek Emoticon; Eevee; Eeyore; Eevee Head; Egg; Egg (Tamago) Sushi; Eggplant; Eggplant Wizard; Egoboy Flag; Egogender Flag; Egogirl Flag; Egononbinary Flag; Egypt Flag; Eiyuutchi; Electric Cherry Perk; Electric Type Icon; Electric Type Symbol; Electronic Arts Logo; Elements of Harmony; Elixir; Elmo; Elsa the Snow Queen of Arendelle; Ember Seed; Emerald; Emerald Ring; Emolga; Empoleon; Empty Heart; Ender Pearl; Enderman; Endoboy Flag; Endogirl Flag; Energy Sword; England Flag; Enlightened Logo; Envy; Equius Zahhak’s Logo; Eraser; Eridan Ampora’s Logo; Erinite; Ermac; Err; Erudite Faction Symbol; Espeon; Espeon Head; Espigender Flag; Estonia Flag; Eternal Dalek; Eternal Moon Article; Eternal Spirit; Ethan; Ether; Ether Medallion; Etsy Logo; Euro Sign; Evanescence Logo; Eve; EVE Hypo; Evenstar; Exclamation Mark; Existiboy Flag; Existigirl Flag; Existinonbinary Flag; Exit Mouse; Exit Sign; Expecgender Flag; Eye Drops; Eye of Horus; Eye of Providence; Eye of Sauron; Eyegore; Ezio Auditore da Firenze

F; F Elder Futhark Rune; F Tile; F-Zero Logo; f(x) Logo; Face Key; Face With Surgical Mask; Face With Tears Of Joy; Facebook Icon; Fairy; Fairy Badge; Fairy Energy; Fairy Harp; Fairy Ocarina; Fairy Slingshot; Fairy Tail Guild Mark; Fairy Type Icon; Faith Ribbon; Falling In Reverse Logo; Falling Star; Fancy Llama; Fang Slime/Wild Slime; Fantastic Dizzy; Fantastic Four Logo; far Music Disc; Faroe Islands Flag; Farore; Fast Ball; Fast Forward Button; Fat Fairy; Fat Flag; Fawn; Fear; Feather; Feather Badge; Feed Icon; Feferi Peixes’ Logo; Feldspar; Felisgender Flag; Felvine; Female Eclectus Parrot; Female Symbol; Female Toilet Sign; Femgender Flag; Fen Badge; Fennekin; Ferrari Logo; Fertile Soil; Fever; Fiat Logo; Fictosexual Flag; Fierce Deity’s Mask; FIFA World Cup Trophy; Fighter; Fighter’s Sword; Fighting Energy; Fighting Type Icon; Figure Skating Logo; File Not Found Icon; Fill With Color Icon; Finland Flag; Finn; Finn the Human; Finsexual Flag; Fire Arrow; Fire Bro.; Fire Element; Fire Element Symbol; Fire Energy; Fire Flower; Fire Herb/Hot Pepper; Fire Medallion; Fire Rod; Fire Rune; Fire Sale Power-up; Fire Shield; Fire Stone; Fire Stingray; Fire Type Icon; Fireball; Firebender Symbol; Firecracker Burst’s Cutie Mark; Fireflies Logo; Firegender Flag; Firemaking Skill Symbol; Firework; First Aid Kit; Fish; Fishbone; Fisting Flag; Fix-it Felix Jr.; Fixed Tuni Nut; Fizzy Pop’s Cutie Mark; Flabebe; Flame; Flame Princess; Flamingo; Flan; Flandre Scarlet; Flappy Bird; Flareon Head; Flask; FLCL Logo; Fletchling; Fleur-de-lis; Flip Flop; Flippers; Floppy Disk; Florette; Florges; Florida; Flosstradamus Logo; Flounder; Flower; Flower Cookie; Flowertchi; Flowey; Fluidflux Flag; Fluorite; Flurry; Flute; Flute Boy; Fluttershy; Fluttershy's Cutie Mark; Fly; Fly Guy; Flying ? Block; Flying Rooster; Flying Type Icon; Fog Badge; Foie; Foongus; Football Boot; Football/Soccer Ball; Ford Logo; Foreman Pig; Forest Badge; Forest Medallion; Fork; Fortress; Fortune Teller; Fossil; Four Leaf Clover; Four Sword; Foxy; France Flag; Frankenstein’s Monster/The Creation; Frappuccino; Fraysexual Flag; Freddy Fazbear; Freelancer Agent New York/Foxtrot 12/York; Freelancer Agent North Dakota; Freelancer Agent South Dakota; Freelancer Agent Texas/Artificial Intelligence Program Beta/Allison/Tex; Freelancer Agent Utah; Freelancer Agent Washington/Recovery One/Prisoner 619-B/David/Wash; Freelancer Agent Wyoming/Reginald; Freeze Badge; French Fries; Fried Egg; Fried Rice; Friend Ball; Friend Bear; Fries; Frisk; Froakie; Frog; Frog Mario; Frog Suit; Frogadier; Frogger; Frozen Buff; Frozen Logo; Fruit Drink; Fruity Bubblegum Gummy Bear; Fryguy; Fudgesical; Fujio; Full Heart; Full Heart Container; Full Magic Container; Full Moon Cello; Full Stop/Period; Fullmetal Alchemist Logo; Fume-shroom; Fun Ghoul Gun; Funhaus Logo; Funny Man; Funshine Bear; Furi; Furikotchi; Futabatchi; Fuzzy; Fygar

G; G Elder Futhark Rune; G Tile; G0y Flag; Gabon Flag; Gabumon; Gaikotchi; Galactic Empire Logo; Gale Seed; Gambia Flag; Game Boy; Game Center Icon; GameCube Controller; GameCube Logo; Gamzee Makara’s Logo; Gandalf the Grey; Gandalf the Grey’s Hat; Gankotchi; Ganon; Gardevoir; Garnet; Garnet Ring; Garo’s Mask; Garrison/Stationary Guard Crest; Gasha Berry; Gasha Seed; Gastly; Gatomon; Gatten Abukotchi; Gay Flag; Gears of War Logo; Gel; Gem Slime/Gold Slime/MinerSlime; Gemigender Flag; Gemini; Gender Binary Flag; Gender Neutral Flag; Gender Non-Binary Flag; Genderblank Flag; Genderdormant Flag; Gendereaux Flag; Genderfluid Flag; Genderflux Flag; Genderfuck Pride Flag; Genderfuzz Flag; Gendermaverick Flag; Gendernegative Flag; Genderpositive Flag; Genderpunk Flag; Genderqueer Flag; Genderqueer Symbol; Genderstrange Flag; Gendervague Flag; Gendervoid Flag; Gendfleur Flag; General Grievous; Genesect; Gengar; Genie’s Lamp; Genjin Galtchi; Genjintchi; Geno; George; Georgia; Georgia Flag; Germany; Germany Flag; Getatchi; Ghana Flag; Ghast; Ghast Tear; Ghastly Doll; Ghost; Ghost Deviltchi; Ghost House; Ghost Jr; Ghost Shroom; Ghost Type Icon; Ghost's Eyes; Ghostbusters Logo; Giant Bat; Giant’s Mask; Gibdo; Gibdo’s Mask; Gift of Time; Giggles; Ginger; Gingerbread House; Ginjirotchi; Ginjirotchi Angel; Giorgio Armani Logo; Giraffey; Girl Deviltchi; Glaceon Head; Glacier Badge; Glass Dagger; Glass of Apple Juice; Glass of Orange Juice; Glass of Red Wine; Glass of White Wine; Glasstchi; Gloom; Glowstone Dust; Gmail Icon; Gnarled Key; Gnome; Goby; Godzilla; Goggles; Goku; Golbat; Gold; Gold Axe; Gold Ball & Chain Trooper; Gold Coronet; Gold Crown; Gold Ingot; Gold Kinstone; Gold Medal; Gold Nugget; Gold Ore; Gold Pickaxe; Gold Rupee; Gold Shovel; Gold Sword; Golden Apple; Golden Bonnie; Golden Boots; Golden Carp; Golden Chestplate; Golden Chocobo; Golden Delicious Apple; Golden Fox; Golden Freddy; Golden Harvest/Carrot Top; Golden Helmet; Golden Leggings; Golden Llama; Golden Mushroom; Golden Potion; Golden Scarab; Golden Snitch; Golden Steve; Golden Sword; Golden Tooth; Golem; Golf Ball; Golgari Swarm Logo; Goma Dango; Gomamon; Gomez; Good Luck Bear; Good Works Ribbon; Goodra; Google Chrome Logo; Google Hangouts Icon; Google Logo; Google+ Icon; Goomba; Goomba in Goomba’s Shoe; Goomba’s Shoe; Goomy; Goonie; Goro; Gorogorotchi; Goron Elder; Goron Mask; Goron Vase; Goron's Ruby; Goronade; Gosutchi; Gotchi King; Gotchi Queen; Gothita; Gourmetchi; Gozarutchi; Graceful Dahlia; Gracidea Flower; Graduation Cap; Grand Theft Auto V Logo; Granny Smith Apple; Grape Gummy Bear; Grape Jolly Rancher; Grapefruit; Grapes; Grass; Grass Crest Shield; Grass Energy; Grass TM; Grass Type Icon; Gravestone; Graveyard Key; Great Ball; Great Fairy; Great Fairy’s Mask; Greed; Greedo; Green Apricorn; Green Baby Yoshi; Green Ball; Green Berry; Green Bird; Green Bottle; Green Cane; Green Cat Eye; Green Chaos Emerald; Green Cheep Cheep; Green Chocobo; Green Christmas Light; Green Cockatiel; Green Diamond; Green Egg Block; Green Grapes; Green Kinstone; Green Kirby; Green Lantern Logo; Green Light of Willpower; Green Luma; Green M&M; Green Mail; Green Mana; Green Panther; Green Pepper; Green Plumbob; Green Potion; Green Puyo; Green Ranger/Tommy Oliver; Green Ranger’s Helmet; Green Requiem; Green Robot; Green Rubik’s Cube; Green Rupee; Green Stray Fairy; Green Switch Block; Green Tea Sherbet; Green Tiara; Green Yoshi Egg; Green-Winged Macaw; Greenland Flag; Greninja; Grey Cloud; Grey P-Switch; Grey Robot; Grey-Aromantic Flag; Grey-Asexual Flag; Greyalterous Flag; Greygender Flag; Greymon; Greyplatonic Flag; Greyromantic Flag; Grief Seed; Grinder; Grippatchi; Groot; Grotle; Ground Type Icon; Grovyle; Grumpy Bear; Grumpy Cat; Grundle; Grunt/Unggoy; Gryffindor Banner; Gryffindor Shield; Guardian Icon; Guinea Bissau Flag; Guinea Flag; Guinness Symbol; Guitar; Guitar Icon; Gulasantchi; Gumball Machine; Gumball Tristopher Watterson; Guriguritchi; Gusty; Guthix Symbol; Guy Fawkes Mask; Guy-Manuel’s Mask; Gyaraboy Flag; Gyarados; Gyaragender Flag; Gyaragirl Flag; Gynefluid Flag; Gynephile Flag; Gynesexual Flag; Gypsytchi; Gyroid

H; H Tile; Haban Berry; Hail Hydra Logo; Haiti Flag; Half Heart; Half-Life Logo; Hallowed Breastplate; Hallowed Greaves; Hallowed Helmet; Halo Logo; Hamburger; Hammer; Hammer Bro.; Hammer Bro.'s Hammer; Hammer Suit; Hamsa; Han Solo; Hanagatatchi; Hanami Dango; Hanatarezoutchi; Hanatchi; Hand Cursor; Hanekotchi; Haneotchi; Hanger; Hanitchi; Hanyu Furude; Hanzo Hasahi/Scorpion; Happy; Happy Berry Logo; Happy Emoticon; Happy Face; Happy Meal; Hardhat Beetle; Hariutchi; Harlequin Rune; Harry Potter Logo; Harumichitchi; Harutchi; Hashitamatchi; Hashizoutchi; Hat Santaclautchi; Hatenatchi; Hatokamitchi; Hatsune Miku; Hatsune Miku Logo; Hatugatchi; Haunter; Hawaii; Hawaikotchi; Hawainotchi; Hawkeye Symbol; Hawlucha; Head; Headdress; Headphones; Heal Ball; Healer Icon; Healslime; Heart; Heart Aspect Symbol; Heart Cookie; Heart of the Ocean; Heart Wand; Heartchi; Hearthstone; Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft Logo; Heartless Logo; Heat Badge; Heats Flamesman; Heavy D!; Heimerdinger; Heliotrope/Bloodstone; Helix Fossil; Hello Kitty Logo; Helmetchi; Hemiboy Flag; Hemigirl Flag; Hemidemisemiquaver; Heminonbinary Flag; Henry’s Book; Herb/Ivy; Herbal Armor Buff; Herbal Healing Buff; Herblore Skill Symbol; Hermaphrodite Flag; Hero Chao; Herobrine; Hetalia Logo; Heteroflexible Flag; Hexagon; Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi Logo; Hi-Potion; Hibiscus; Hidatchi; High Battery Level; Hikotchi; High-Five Ghost; Hill; Himespetchi; Hinatchi; Hinotamatchi; Hiratchi; Hitodetchi; Hitomi Shizuki; Hive Badge; Hodenge; Hogwarts Crest; Hohotchi; Hollow Mask; Holy Water; Homer Jay Simpson; HomeStuck Logo; Homoalterous Flag; Homoflexible Flag; Homosexual (But Not Homoromantic) Flag; Homura Akemi; Homura Akemi’s Soul Gem; Honda Logo; Honey; Honeydew; Honeydew’s Logo; Honeytchi; Hong Kong Dollar Symbol; Hoodz; Hookshot; Hoopster; Hope Aspect Symbol; Hoppetchi; Horde Insignia; Horn of Gabriel; Horoboy Flag; Horogirl Flag; Horononbinary Flag; Horoyotchi; Horrified Debuff; Hoshitchi; Hot Dog; Hot Dog with Barbecue Sauce; Hot Dog with Brown Sauce; Hot Dog with Mustard; Hot Dog with Tomato Sauce; Hotdog; HotTeatchi; Hourglass Cursor; House Arryn of the Eyrie Sigil; House Barathron of Storm’s End Sigil; House Dimir Logo; House Frey of the Crossing Sigil; House Greyjoy of Pyke Sigil; House Lannister of Casterly Rock Sigil; House Nymerous Martell of Sunspear Sigil; House Stark of Winterfell Sigil; House Targaryen Sigil; House Tully of Riverrun Sigil; House Tyrell of Highgarden Sigil; Howie; Hufflepuff Banner; Hufflepuff Shield; Hullaballoon; Humba the Banana; Hungary Flag; Hungry Buff; Hunter of Hunter’s Covenant Symbol; Hunter Skill Symbol; Hunter Symbol; HuskyMUDKIPZ; Hyacinth; Hyacinth Macaw; Hylian Shield; Hyottokotchi; Hyurutchi

I; I Elder Futhark Rune; Ï Elder Futhark Rune; I Tetrimino; I Tile; I.G.G.Y. the Pixel-Munching Snaffler; I’ve Seen It Badge; I-Acute; I-Circumflex; I-Macron; I-Umlaut; Ibatchi; Ice; Ice Arrow; Ice Blue Game Boy Color; Ice Cream; Ice Cream Cone; Ice Flower; Ice Hockey Logo; Ice Rod; Ice Skate; Ice Type Icon; Ice Type Symbol; Iceberg Badge; Iceland Flag; Ichigo; Ichigotchi; Icicle Badge; Idaho; Idemoromantic Flag; Igglybuff; Ignignokt; iHasCupquake; IKEA Logo; Illinois; Illuminated Buff; Imgur Icon; Immune to Gases Buff; Immunizer Power/Juice/Mega Juice; Imotchi; Impediogender Flag; Impossible Triangle; India Flag; Indian Red; Indiana; Indicolite; Indigo Bottle; Indigo Cane; Indigo Diamond; Indigo Light of Compassion; Indigo Potion; Individual Worth Ribbon; Indonesia Flag; Infected Mushroom; Infernape; Infinite Logo; Infinite Symbol; IngenDer Flag; Ingward; Inky; Insect Badge; Insomniac Logo; Insta-Kill Power-up; Instagram Logo; Integrity Ribbon; Intergender Flag; Intersex Flag; Intersex Flag; Intersex Symbol; InuYasha Logo; Inverted Question Mark; Invisible Buff; Iolite; Iowa; iPhone; iPod Touch; Irken Logo; Iron Axe; Iron Boots; Iron Chestplate; Iron Helmet; Iron Ingot; Iron Leggings; Iron Man Symbol; Iron Ore; Iron Pickaxe; Iron Pot; Iron Shovel; Iron Sword; Isaac; Israel Flag; Italy Flag; Itatchi; iTunes Icon; Ivory; Ivory Potion; Ivysaur; Iwatchi; Izzet League Logo

J; J Tile; J.R.R. Tolkien Logo; J-Dog; Jack; Jack O’Lantern; Jack Skellington; Jack Ü Logo; Jackass Logo; jacksepticeye Logo; Jade; Jade Harley's Logo; Jade Potion; Jade Star Badge; Jake English’s Logo; Jake the Dog; Jamaica Flag; James; James Bond Logo; James Pond; Jane Crocker’s Logo; Jango Fett; Japan Flag; Jar Jar Binks; Jar of Nutella; Jar/Pot; Jasmine; Jasmine Symbol; Jason Voorhees’ Mask; Jasper; Jaspersprite; Jaune Arc’s Symbol; Jay; Jayne Cobb’s Hat; Jeff; Jeff Randell; Jellyfish; Jerry; Jess; Jessie; Jet; Jet Badge; Jet Star Gun; Jewelboxtchi; Jeweltchi; Jidoutchi; Jigglypuff; Jigsaw Piece; Jiji; Jimmy; Jinn/Sylphid; Jinx; Jirachi; JLS Logo; John Deere Logo; John Egbert’s Logo; Johnny 3 Tears; Johnny Bravo; Johnny Cage; Jolteon Head; Joltik; Jon; Jonny 2X4; Jonquil; Jordan Flag; Journal 3 Logo; Joy; Judas; Juggernog Perk; Juice; Jumping Piranha Plant; Jumping Pumpkin Plant; June; Jungle; Jungle King; Junior Clown Car; Junko Enoshima’s Phone; Jupiter; Jurassic Park Logo; Logo; Jynx

K; K Elder Futhark Rune; K Tile; K.K. Slider; K-9; Kabotchi; Kadabra; Kafei’s Mask; Kagamine Rin; Kai; Kaitchi; Kajiguchi Abukotchi; Kakuna; Kakutchi; Kaleidomoon Scope; Kaleidoscope; Kamaro’s Mask; Kamek; Kanata Shinonome’s Kirara; Kanaya Maryam’s Logo; Kandi Patterns Logo; Kano; Kanra Call Icon; Kansas; Karatchi; Kari Kamiya’s Digivice; Karkas Vantas’ Logo; Katamari; Katara; Katsuma; Kazuichi Soda; Keaton’s Mask; Kebia Berry; Kee Berry; Keese; Keiichi Maebara; Keldeo; Kentucky; Kerbal Space Program Logo; Kermit the Frog; Kettle; Kettledrum; Kevin; Key; Key Icon; Keyboard Icon; Keyhole; Khaki; Khorne Symbol; Kid Blue; Kidney; Kikwi; Kilalatchi; Kinakomotchi; Kinbo Koi; Kindred; King; King Boo; King Dedede; King Llama; King of All Cosmos; King Slime; King Worm; Kingdom Hearts Logo; Kingdom Key; Kingender Flag; Kingyotchi; Kinky People In Vanilla Relationships Flag; Kinotchi; Kip Symbol; Kirby; Kirby on Warp Star; Kirin Tor Logo; Kirk, Knight of Thorns; Kirlia; KISS Logo; Kiwi Cupcake; Kiwi Fruit; Kiwi Game Boy Color; Kiyotaka “Taka” Ishimaru; Klefki; Klingon Logo; Knife; Knife Party Logo; Knight Lautrec of Carim; Knight Shield; Knowledge Ribbon; Knuckle Badge; Knuckleduster; Knuckles the Echidna; Knuckles the Echidna Icon; Kobra Kid Gun; Kodak Logo; Kodama; Kokiri Sword; Kokiri's Emerald; Kolechia Seal; Konami Logo; Konohagakure Symbol; Koopa Clown Car; Koopa Shell; Koopa Troopa; Korean Won Symbol; Korilakkuma; Korra; Kracko; Kracko's Eye; Krieg; Kuai Liang/Sub-Zero; Kuchikotchi; Kuchiotchi; Kunai; Kunoitchi; Kuriboh; Kuribotchi; Kuritchi; Kuro; Kurokotchi; KuroMametchi; KuroTsubutchi; Kushipatchi; Kutchitamatchi; Kuwait Flag; Kylo Ren; Kylo Ren’s Lightsaber; Kyoko Sakura; Kyoko Sakura’s Soul Gem

L; L for Lee; L Lawliet’s Logo; L Tetrimino; L Tile; La; Laa-Laa; Labradorite; Lady GooGoo the Glitzy BooHoo; Lady Luck; Lady Rainicorn; Ladybird/Ladybug; Lakitu; Lala; Lamp; Lance “Scorpion” Bean; Lando Calrissian; Lapis Lazuli; Large Invader; Large Planchette; Large Totoro; Larry Koopa; Latin Cross; Latvia Flag; Lava Bucket; Lava Juice; Lava Soup; Lavender; Law Rune; LDShadowLady; Leaf; Leaf Stone; Leafeon Head; Leafmon; Leaftchi; League of Legends Icon; League of Nations Logo; Leather Boots; Leather Cap; Leather Flag; Leather Girl Flag; Leather Pants; Leather Tunic; Lebanon Flag; Lee Kanker; Leek; Left Arrow; Left Parenthesis; Left Shark; Legend Badge; Lego Logo; Lemon; Lemon Gummy Bear; Lemon Hearts’ Cutie Mark; Lemon Lime Sorbet; Lemon Sherbet; Lemon Slice; Lens of Truth; Leo; Leogender Flag; Leon Kuwata; Leonardo; Lepidolite; Leprechaun; Leprechaun Hat; Lesbian Flag; Lethargender Flag; Letter; Level Ball; Levitating Buff; LGBT Flag; Libra; Libragender Flag; Libya Flag; Lickitung; Lie Ren’s Symbol; Life Aspect Symbol; Life Energy; Life Mushroom; Life Shroom; Light Arrow; Light Aspect Symbol; Light Blue Cat Eye; Light Blue Yoshi; Light Element; Light Medallion; Lightbulb; Lightning Bolt; Lightning Cross; Lightning Energy; Lightning Potion; Like Icon; Like Like; Lilac; Lime; Lime Cake; Lime Green Squid; Lime Gummy Bear; Lime Slice; Limnosexual Flag; Linda; Link; Lionheart; Lips; Lipstick; Lipstick Lesbian Flag; Lithuania Flag; Little C.H.A.D.; Little Miss Tiny; Litwick; Liu Kang; Lizard; Llama; Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon; Location Marker; Lock; Loki’s Helmet; Lollipop; Lollipop Chainsaw Logo; Lolo; Lopez the Heavy; Lopmon; LordMinion777 Logo; Los Angeles Dodgers Logo; Los Angeles Lakers Logo; Lotad; Louisiana; Louisville Cardinals Logo; Love; Love Ball; Love-a-Lot Bear; Lovebird; Lovegender Flag; Lovelitchi; Low Battery Level; Lucario; Lucas; Lucca; Ludoboy Flag; Ludogirl Flag; Ludononbinary Flag; Ludwig von Koopa; Luge Logo; Luigi; Luigi’s Hat; Luke Skywalker; Luke Triton; Lumina/Wisp; Lumpy Space Princess; Luna; Lunar: The Silver Star Logo; Lunar Eclipse; Lure Ball; Lust; Luvli; Luxembourg Flag; Luxury Ball; Lyra Heartstrings; Lysandre

M; M Elder Futhark Rune; M Logo; M Tile; M. Bison; Macaroon; Macaw; Mace Windu; Machinist Class Icon; Mad Pride Flag; Madagascar Flag; Madeon Logo; Madoka Kaname; Madoka Kaname’s Soul Gem; Magdalene; Mage Class Symbol; Mage’s Staff; Magenta Potion; Magenta Yoshi; Magiboy Flag; Magic: The Gathering Card; Magic Ball; Magic Bean; Magic Boomerang; Magic Cape; Magic Element Symbol; Magic Hammer; Magic Mirror; Magic Potion; Magic Powder; Magic Rod; Magic Skill Symbol; Magical Boomerang; Magical Shield; Magicite; Magifluid Flag; Magigirl Flag; Magikarp; Maginonbinary Flag; Maiden’s Kiss; Maidtchi; Mail Icon; Maine; Major League Baseball Logo; Majora's Mask; Majorika; Makiko/Madeleine Kirie Dotchine; Mako; Makoto Yokomizo’s Kirara; Maku Tree Leaf; Malachite; Maldives Flag; Male Eclectus Parrot; Male Symbol; Male Toilet Sign; Mali Flag; mall Music Disc; Malloty Knox Logo; Mamegoma; Mamekotchi; Mameotchi; Mameshiba; Mametchi; Mami Tomoe; Mami Tomoe’s Soul Gem; Manalterous Flag; Manaphy; Mangle; Mango Sorbet; Manipura Symbol; Map; Maple; Maps Icon; Marcy; Mareep; Marie Kanker; Marie Mjolnir’s Eye Patch; MarineAngemon; Maringender Flag; Mario; Mario in Goomba’s Shoe; Mario’s Hat; Mark of Cain; Marked for Sacrifice Buff; Markiplier Logo; Marle; Marny; Maroon Ball; Marotchi; Marowak; Mars; Marsh Badge; Marshtomp; Martini Glass; Marvin the Martian; Maryland; Masexual Flag; Mask of Scents; Mask of Truth; Masked Lovebird; Masktchi; Massachusetts; Master Ball; Master Belch; Master Chief; Master Higgins; Master Shake; Master Sword; Mattaritchi; Mauritania Flag; Mauritius Flag; Maverique Flag; Max Revive; Maxwell; May; May Kanker; McDonald’s Logo; Me Gusta Face; Meat; Meat Boy; Medical Officer Super Private First Class Frank DuFresne/Doc; Medicine of Life; Medicine of Life & Magic; Medicine of Magic; Medium Battery Level; Medium Totoro; Mega Aerodactyl; Mega Alakazam; Mega Blastoise; Mega Charizard X; Mega Charizard Y; Mega Gengar; Mega Gyarados; Mega Haunter; Mega Lucario; Mega Man; Mega Mewtwo X; Mega Mewtwo Y; Mega Mushroom; Mega Scizor; Mega Stone; Mega Venusaur; Megatchi; mellohi Music Disc; Meloetta; Melon; Memeotchi; Memeputchi; Memetchi; Memorial Stripes Poogie; Meow; Mercury; Mesprit; Messages Icon; Metal Chocobo; Metal Energy; Metal King Slime; Metal Slime; MetalGreymon; Metapod; Metaromantic Flag; Metool; Metroid; Mew; Mew Berry; Mew Ichigo; Mew Lettuce; Mew Pudding; Mew Ringo; Mewtwo; MGMT Logo; Miami Heat Logo; Miami Hurricanes Logo; Michael “Mike” Wazowski; Michelangelo; Michigan; Micro-Goomba; Microphone; Midnight Blue Game Boy Color; Mikazukitchi; Miles “Tails” Prower; Miles “Tails” Prower Icon; Military Police Brigade Crest; Military/Uniform Flag; Milk Bucket; Milk Chocolate; Millennium Eye; Millennium Falcon; Millennium Necklace; Millennium Puzzle; Millennium Ring; Millennium Rod; Mima; MimeSlime; Mimifuwatchi; Mimitchi; Mimiyoritchi; Mimori Kishida’s Kirara; Mind Aspect Symbol; Mind Badge; Mind Vision Buff; Mine Badge; Minecraft Logo; Mineral Badge; Mini Mushroom; Mini-Moldorm; Mining Skill Symbol; Mink; Minnesota; Minotchi; Minsexual Flag; Mion Sonozaki; Mirror Shield; Miso; Mississippi; Missouri; Mitarashi Dango; Mitsubishi Logo; Mitt; Mizutamatchi; Mjölnir; Mobile Sprout; Mobile/Cellular Phone; Moblin; Mocha; Mockingjay Pin; Mohitamatchi; Mojo Jojo; Moltres; Monapatchi; Mondo Owada; Money Bag; Monferno; Monk; Monk Class Icon; Monoeye; Monofluid; Monokuma; Monomate; Monomi/Usami; Monster Assault Logo; Monster Heavy Metal Logo; Monster High Logo; Monster Khaos Logo; Monster Lo-Carb Logo; Monster Logo; Monster MIXXD Logo; Monster Ripper Logo; Monsters, Inc. Logo; Montana; Monty Mole; Moogle; Moon Ball; Moon Crystal Compact; Moon Pearl; Moon Sceptre; Moon Stone; Moon Wand; Moonstone; Mooshroom; Mordecai; Morganite; Mortal Kombat Logo; Mother of Pearl; Motimon; Mottle Slime; Mouse; Moustache; Movie Reel; Mozilla Firefox Logo; Mr. Bump; Mr. Canvas; Mr. Game & Watch; Mr. Game & Watch Stock Icon; Mr. Pringles; Mr. Rush; Mr. Saturn; Mr. Snoodle the Silly Snuffler; Mr. Turtlepedia; Ms. Flower; Ms. Frill; Ms. Pac-Man; MTV Logo; Mudkip; Mug of Hot Chocolate; Muladhara Symbol; Mule Kick Perk; Multiplication Sign; Multisexual Flag; Munna; Muse Logo; Musharna; Mushroom; Mushroom Stew; Music Box; Music Icon; Mustard; Mutogender Flag; My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Logo; Myanmar Flag; Mystery Mushroom; Mythosaur Symbol

N; N Tile; N7 Logo; N-Acute; Naga; Nagisa Momoe; Nagisa Motoyima’s Kirara; Nall; Namibia Flag; Nana; Napstablook; Naruto Logo; Naruto Uzumaki; National Basketball Association Logo; National Football Conference Logo; National Football League Logo; National Hockey League Logo; Nature Element Symbol; Navi; Nayru; Nazotchi; Nazz Van Bartonschmeer; Nebraska; Nebularomantic Flag; Needle of Blood; Needle of Fairy Dust; Needle of Magic; Needle of Medicine; Needle of Poison; Needle of Water; Nekomaru Nidai; Nemo; Nepeta Leijon’s Logo; Neptune; NERV Logo; Ness; Ness' Mum; Nest Ball; Net Ball; NettyPlays; Neuroaromantic Flag; Neurogender Flag; Neusexual Flag; Neutrois Flag; Neutrois Symbol; Nevada; New Document Icon; New Hampshire; New Jersey; New Mexico; New York; New York Jets Name Plate; New York Knicks Logo; New York Mets Logo; New York Yankees Logo; Newgrounds Logo; Newsstand Icon; Next Track Button; NG; Nickel; Nien Nunb; Niger Flag; Nigeria Flag; Nightmare Dream Eater Symbol; Nightmare’s Key; Nik; Nikatchi; Nike Logo; Nine Inch Nails Logo; Ninja; Ninja Class Icon; Ninja Llama; Ninji; Ninsexual Flag; Nintendo 64 Controller; Nintendo 64 Logo; Nintendo Entertainment System Controller; Nintendo Logo; Nintendo Wii Logo; Nipper Plant; Nipper the Titchy TrundleBot; Nirvana Logo; Nitro Crate; No Battery; No Data Received Icon; No Phone Signal; No Smoking Sign; No Volume; No Wi-Fi Signal; No-Face/Kaonashi Mask; Nobody Symbol; Noiz; Nokotchi; Nomasexual Flag; Nonbinary Flag; Nonbinary Boy Flag; Nonbinary Girl Flag; Nonbinary Symbol; Nonbiritchi; Nora Valkyrie’s Symbol; Normal Type Icon; North Carolina; North Dakota; Northern Ireland Flag; Norway Flag; Note; Note Block; Note Icon; Notes; Notes Icon; Novigender Flag;; Novosexual Flag; Nullgender Flag; Nunchaku; Nurse Symbol; Nutrients/Mega Nutrients; Nurturing Warmth; Nutty; Nuu Emoticon; Nyan Cat; Nyan Cat Head; Nyaromon; Nyatchi; Nyctogender Flag; Nyokimon; Ŋ Elder Futhark Rune;

O; O Elder Futhark Rune; O Tetrimino; O Tile; O-Acute; O-Circumflex; O-Macron; O-Umlaut; Oathkeeper; Obi-Wan Kenobi; Oblivion; Obotchi; Obsidian; Ocarina; Ocarina of Wind; Ocelot; Ocho; Octagon; Octavia; Octopus; Octorok; Oddish; Odeko; Odesza Logo; OE Ligature; Of Mice & Men Logo; Officer Vermilion; Ohio; Ojitchi; Ojyotchi; Okay? Okay. Logo; Oklahoma; Olaf; Old Man; Olivenite; Olivine; Olympia; Olympics Logo; Om Nom; Omanyte; Omegle Logo; Omnigender Flag; Omnisexual Flag; Omnitrix; Omututchi; One Direction Logo; One Ring; One-Eyed Minion; Onigiri; Onion; Oniontchi; Onyx; Onyx Ring; Opa-Opa; Opal; Opal Ring; Opeo; Orange; Orange Ball; Orange Bottle; Orange Cane; Orange Cat Eye; Orange Diamond; Orange Flower; Orange Gummy Bear; Orange Kid; Orange Light of Avarice; Orange M&M; Orange Plumbob; Orange Potion; Orange Rubik’s Cube; Orange Rupee; Orange Sceptre; Orange Slice; Orange Squid; Orange Staff; Orange Stray Fairy; Orange Umbrella; Orange Yoshi; Orange/Co-Star Luma; Ore Chunk; Oregon; Oreo; Organ of Evening Calm; Original 1978 LGBT Flag; Orina Aida’s Kirara; Orko; Oscar, Knight of Astora; Oscar the Grouch; Oshawott; Ostro; Ototchi; Ouran High School Crest; Oval; OWSLA Logo; Oyajitchi

P; P Bag; P Elder Futhark Rune; P Tile; P-Switch; P-Wing; Pabumon; Pac-Man; Pachikutchi; Pachirisu; Paddle; Padparadscha; Paintball; Pakistan Flag; Paladin Class Icon; Palico; Palm Tree; Palmon; Panalterous Flag; Panama Flag; Pancakes; Panflux Flag; Pangender Flag; Panplatonic Flag; Panromantic Flag; Pansexual Flag; Pansexual Symbol; Paopu Fruit; Paparatchi; Paper; Papyrus; Para-Beetle; Paraboy Flag; Paragirl Flag; Paragon Logo; Parallelogram; Paralyzed Buff; Paranonbinary Flag; PaRappa the Rapper; Parasect; Park Ball; Parrot; Parsnip; Partial Heart Container; Partly Cloudy; Party Poison Gun; Passbook Icon; Passion Fruit Sorbet; Patamon; Patapatatchi; Patrick Star; Paula; Pause Button; Paw Print; Peace Sign; Peace Symbol; Peach; Peach Lovebird; Pear; Pearl; PearlGel; Peashooter; Pecha Berry; Pegasus Boots; Pegasus Seed; Pelipper; Pencil; Pendant of Courage; Pendant of Power; Pendant of Wisdom; Pennsylvania; Pentagon; Pentagram; Penultisexual Flag; Pepe the Frog; Peppa Pig; Pepperdance’s Cutie Mark; Peppermint Butler; Pepsi Logo; Percentage Sign; Periboy Flag; Peridot; Perifluid Flag; Perigirl Flag; Periodic Table of Elements; Perry the Platypus; Peru Flag; Peso; Peter Löwenbräu Griffin; Peter Pepper; Petittchi; Petrus of Thorlund; PewDiePie Logo; Phanto; PhD Flopper Perk; Phineas; Phione; Phoenix Down; Phone Icon; Photo Finish; Photos Icon; Pi Symbol; Pichikutchi; Pichimon; Pichu; Pick Color Icon; Pidgit; Pig; Pig Snout; Piglet; Pikachu; Pills; Pin; Pineapple; Pineapple Gummy Bear; Ping Pong Ball; Pink Apricorn; Pink Baby Bottle; Pink Ball; Pink Beads; Pink Berry; Pink Candy; Pink Chaos Emerald; Pink Diamond; Pink Dummy/Pacifier/Binky; Pink Lantern; Pink Marshmallow; Pink Panther; Pink Potion; Pink Ranger/Kimberly Hart; Pink Ranger’s Helmet; Pink Ring; Pink Squid; Pink Stray Fairy; Pink Umbrella; Pink Yoshi; Pink/Hungry Luma; Pinkie Pie; Pinkie Pie Head; Pinkie Pie's Cutie Mark; Pinky; Pinterest Icon; Pinterest Logo; Pipotchi; Piplup; Piranha Plant; Pirate’s Bell; Pirorirotchi; Pisces; Pit; Pixelboy Flag; Pixelgirl Flag; Pixelnonbinary Flag; Pizza; Pizza Dude; Placiosexual Flag; Plain Badge; Planeswalker Symbol; Plank; Plankton; Planktontchi; Plant Badge; Platoniromantic Flag; Play Button; Playboy Logo; PlayStation Logo; PlayStation 2 Logo; PlayStation 3 Logo; PlayStation 4 Controller; Plue; Plus Sign; Pluto; Po; Pochitchi; Podobos Tower; Poe; Poe Clock; Poe Dameron; Poe Dameron’s X-Wing; Poe Soul in Bottle; Pointer Cursor; Points Icon; Poison Apple; Poison Mushroom; Poison Symbol; Poison TM; Poison Type Icon; Poisoned Buff; Poisoned Meat; Poké Ball; Pokémon Dollar; Pokémon Flute; Pokémon Logo; Pokémon X Logo; Pokémon Y Logo; Pokey; Poland Flag; Politoed; Poliwag; Pols Voice; Polyalterous Flag; Polyamorous Flag;; Polygender Flag; Polyplatonic Flag; Polyromantic Flag; Polysexual (But Not Romantic) Flag; Polysexual Flag; Pontiac Logo; Pony Flag; Ponyo; Ponytchi; Poo; Pooka; Poop; Pooter; Pop Tart; Popcorn; Popo; Poppet; Popsical; Popsicle; Poro; Poromon; Porygon; Possessed Nayru; Postman’s Hat; Pot of Gold; Potato Mine; Potion; Potion/Mega Potion; Potion of Fire Resistance; Potion of Harming; Potion of Healing; Potion of Invisibility; Potion of Leaping; Potion of Night Vision; Potion of Poison; Potion of Regeneration; Potion of Slowness; Potion of Strength; Potion of Swiftness; Potion of Water Breathing; Potion of Weakness; Pound Cake; Pound Symbol; POW Block; Power Balloon/P-Balloon; Power Bracelet; Power Button; Power Glove; Poyomon; Praegender Flag; Prayer Skill Symbol; Premier Ball; Pressure Pad; Preterboy Flag; Pretergirl Flag; Pretty Lights Logo; Pretzel; Pride; Priest Class Symbol; Previous Track Button; Prince; Prince Zuko; Princess Anna of Arendelle; Princess Cadence; Princess Celestia; Princess Celestia’s Cutie Mark; Princess Daisy’s Crown; Princess Leia Organa; Princess Luna/Nightmare Moon’s Cutie Mark; Princess Peach’s Crown; Princess Rosalina; Princess Toadstool; Princess Zelda; Pringles Logo; Prinplup; Private Franklin Delano Donut; Private Kaikaina Grif/Sister; Private Leonard L. Church; Priz; Professor Elm; Professor Hershel Layton; Professor Oak; Professor Vitellary; Proquasexual Flag; Proquusexual Flag; Psi; Psychic Badge; Psychic Energy; Psychic TM; Psychic Type Icon; Psyko Punkz Mask; PuchiChocotchi; Puchioyatchi; Puchiputchi; Puchitchi; PuchiTeletchi; Pudsey Bear; Puerto Rico Flag; Puff-shroom; Pukatchi; Puma Logo; Pumpkin; Pumpkin Cake; Pumpkin Pie; Pumpkinhead; Punimon; Punisher Logo; Pup; Puppy Play Flag; PuppyCat; Purple Ball; Purple Chaos Emerald; Purple Chocobo; Purple Crystal; Purple Excitebike; Purple Grapes; Purple Jewel; Purple Kirby; Purple Pendant Necklace; Purple Pikmin; Purple Puyo; Purple Ring; Purple Rupee; Purple Squid; Purple Yoshi; Pusheen; Pyonchitchi; Pyonkotchi; Pyramid; Pyramid Jewel; Pyrite; Pyrope; Pyrrha Nikos’ Symbol

Q; Q Dance Logo; Q Tile; Q-Bert; Qatar Flag; QU; Quake Badge; Quake Medallion; Quartz; Quartz Ring; Quaver; Queen Amidala; Queer Flag; Queerplatonic Flag; Question Mark; Quick Ball; Quick Revive Perk; Quilladin; Quoiromantic Flag; Quote

R; R Elder Futhark Rune; R Tile; R-Acute; R2-D2; Raava; Rabite; Radish; Raft; Rage Aspect Symbol; Raichu; Raiden; Rain; Rain Badge; Rainbow; Rainbow Badge; Rainbow Cross; Rainbow Dash; Rainbow Dash Head; Rainbow Dash's Cutie Mark; Rainbow Llama; Rainbow Necklace; Rainbow Potion; Rainbow Special; Rainbow Star; Raindrop; Ralf Jones; Ralph; Ralts; Rammy; Rana; Ranged Skill Symbol; Rank A; Rank B; Rank C; Rank D; Rank E; Raphael; Rapunzel; Rare Candy; Rare Steak/Well-Done Steak; Rarity; Rarity Head; Rarity's Cutie Mark; Raspberry Pi Logo; Rat; Ravenclaw Banner; Ravenclaw Shield; Raw Meat/Hot Meat; Rayman; Razer Logo; Reaper; Reblog Symbol; Recipsexual Flag; Recorder; Rectangle; Red; Red & White Round Shield; Red Apple; Red Apricorn; Red Armos Knight; Red Baby Yoshi; Red Ball; Red Beads; Red Bean Tea Sherbet; Red Berry; Red Bird; Red Bottle; Red Candle; Red Cane; Red Chaos Emerald; Red Cheep Cheep; Red Chocobo; Red Christmas Light; Red Coin; Red Coronet; Red Cross; Red Cross Logo; Red Crown; Red Crystal; Red Crystal Switch; Red Darknut; RED Demoman Symbol; Red Diamond; Red Dragon; Red Egg Block; Red Excitebike; Red Flower; Red Gala Apple; Red Goriya; Red Hot Chili Peppers Logo; Red Jewel; Red Keycard; Red Kinstone; Red Kirby; Red Lamp; Red Lantern; Red Leever; Red Light of Rage; Red Luma; Red Lynel; Red M&M; Red Mage; Red Mail; Red Mana; RED Medic Symbol; Red Mushroom; Red Nail Polish; Red Nocturne; Red Octorok; Red Pendant Necklace; Red Pepper; Red Pikmin; Red Pikmin Head; Red Plumbob; Red Potion; Red Puyo; Red Ranger/Jason Lee Scott; Red Ranger’s Helmet; Red Ring; Red Robot; Red Rope; Red Rubik’s Cube; Red Rupee; Red Sidestepper; Red Skull Key; Red Snake; Red Staff; Red Star; Red Stray Fairy; Red Switch Block; Red Tektite; Red Tiara; Red Toad House; Red Umbrella; Red Windmill; Red Wizzrobe; Red Yoshi; Red Yoshi Egg; redb15; Redstone Dust; Redstone Ore; Redstone Torch; Ref; Regeneration Buff; Relationship Anarchy Flag; Relic Badge; Reminders Icon; Ren; Rena Ryugu; Renamon; Renault Logo; Renegade Symbol; Repeat Ball; Repeater; Reptar; Reptile; Republic of Ireland Flag; Republic of the Congo Flag; Requeissexual Flag; Resistance Logo; Reuniclus; Reverse Mushroom; Revive; Revive Icon; Rewind Button; Rex; Rey; Rhett & Link Logo; Rhindle; Rhode Island; Rhodochrosite; Rhodolite; Rhombus; Ribotchi; Rice Bowl; Riddler Logo; Rigby; Right Arrow; Right Parenthesis; Rilakkuma; Ring; Ringotchi; Rinnegan Eye; Riolu; Rip Van Fish; Rising Badge; Rob; Robin; Robin Logo; Roc’s Cape; Roc’s Feather; Rock; Rock Slime/Rubble Slime; Rock Type Icon; Rocker Symbol; Rocket Launcher; Rocket Raccoon; Rockstar Logo; Roggenrola; Rogue Class Symbol; Roll Eyes Emoticon; Rolling Sea; Rolling Stones Logo; Roloduck; Romani’s Mask; Romania Flag; Ropa; Rope; Rosa; Rosaniline; Rosario Cross; Rose; Rose Lalonde’s Logo; Rose Nylund; Rose Quartz; Rosie833; Rotating Block; Rotten Tooth; Round Jewel; Route 66 Logo; Roxas; Roxy Lalonde’s Logo; Royal Crest of Hyrule; Rubber Duck; Ruby; Ruby Ring; Ruby Rose’s Symbol; Ruby’s Gem; Rumble Badge; Runaway Llamas; Runecrafting Skill Symbol; Rupee; Rupee Icon; Rupoor; Russia Flag; Rusty Bell; Rwanda Flag; Rydia; Ryu; Ryuk’s Eye

S; S Elder Futhark Rune; S Tile; S.H.I.E.L.D. 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Artwork (C) GodofDarness18 - 2012-2017
Sprites (C) Respective Owners




Additions to fan-made sprite montage
They can be mushrooms, bows, or anything of the like. Feel free to commission me!
Personalized Art Compilations
This will be based on your interests & point prices will vary depending on how much sprites are on it
(Minimum 20 points)


Well First of all I INSPIRED SOMEONE what an achievement anyways in serious The Assassin's Logo is so wonderfully crafted and my versio...

I suppose I might as well write a critique for this: The colour of the Starman is just like as it appears in the Mario games and I give...

by Chibixi

Now, this is my 2nd critique & I'm still trying to be constructive with this so: here goes nothing I like... no, scratch that, I LOVE h...

Well, I must say, she looks exactly as she does in the movie and the detail is possibly one of the most realistic out of virtually ever...


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First of all: I love how organised your DA is. Second of all, I love reading your “About me” page, I love how much OC’s you have, you seem like a really cool person to hang out with, and of course, I LOVE your pixelart.
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